Our kart-racing track was modernized throughout the season of 2005 / 2006 and redesigned with a Formula 1 touch. We are working for on-going development in all sectors ever since.

In May 2013 there have been changes in the bottom part of our track . Enjoy better overtaking opportunities , less time delay because of collisions and track blockage!

  • Modern new hall construction with extra strong exhaust air plant
  • 4000 mbig kart-arena spreading through 2 levels with new design
  • Tunnel with slope and 205 degree extreme curve
  • 500m track length , 6 to 9m track width 
  • Track surface: Top floor concrete – Ground floor asphalt
  • High safety standards and experienced track-staff

  • Fully electronic time measurement and time printout

  • Track cameras with a live broadcast to our Café
  • Professional multimedia equipment 
  • Full-face helmets, overalls and rib guards included

1230 Wien, Hochwassergasse 12
+43 1 6164626

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